We're a non-profit organization

We are an all volunteer rescue formed after several years of personally rescuing dachshunds and hounds. We're dedicated to rescuing dachshunds in Tennessee and surrounding states who have found themselves homeless for one reason or another.

The people at Tennessee Dachshund Rescue work tirelessly to take homeless dachshunds off the street and make them as comfortable and happy as possible until we can find a loving home for them — no matter how long it takes. 

WE rescue

We believe our rescue can help change the lives of these dogs and many more in the future. Happy endings for our rescued dachshunds can only happen with your support. Please allow us to continue our rescue and donate or volunteer today. 


Leslie was a trustee with Basset Hound Rescue of Georgia (www.bhrg.org) for over five years and volunteered with them over 10 years. Through her connections there, folks started contacting her about dachshunds because they knew she was a sucker for them. So Leslie would personally rescue dachshunds on the side and place them. When she moved to Tennessee, she decided it was time to take her personal rescues a step further and TDR was formed.


Bill joined TDR in April 2017 after inquiring about how he could help. Bill quickly became an integral part of TDR and quickly took over much of the needed phone calls needed on a daily basis. If you're interested in adopting, you'll likely talk to Bill.

The man behind the girl

Zac is the goofy guy behind the videos and most of the funny commentary. He's also Leslie's husband and puts up with the insane amount of dachshunds that come through their home on the way to their forever homes.