Happy Tails

For around 4 years, my husband and I had been watching and waiting for a dachshund in need who would fit into our family.  When I saw Leslie’s photo of the 4-month-old pup she’d rescued, I knew he was meant for us.  This little guy was purchased from a backyard breeder and had already been passed from family to family.  It seems he had not learned bite inhibition from his litter mates since he was separated from them too soon.  He was acting like an untrained puppy, and no one wanted to deal with him.  The “pound” was soon to be his next stop, but Leslie saved him from that fate and he became our boy. 

“Guinness”, came into our lives at a time when our family was experiencing a loss, and he has brought us so much joy and love.  He learned manners and commands very easily.  Every time he visits the vet, they tell us how smart and friendly he is and threaten to keep him because he is so lovable and well-adjusted – not a nervous or “yippie” pup at all.  THANK YOU Leslie!  Guinness healed our hearts and continues to protect his family, provide entertainment, and add love to our home every day!